Attention: MUST READ ADVICE If You Want To Make Money Online, But Don’t Know Where To Start

“Discover the Proven Formula To Make Money Online Quickly and Easily - It Worked For Us, And We Want To Share The Secrets!”

Dear Frustrated Online Marketer

If you’ve ever wanted to find a tried and tested way to make money online without wasting your time or money, then this is the most important thing you will ever read.

Because we want to show you the shortest path possible between your first day in online marketing, and your first paycheck.

  • Maybe you’re setting up a completely new business online
  • Maybe you want to put your current business online

Either way, we will show you the easy way to do this, avoiding all the ‘snake oil salesmen’ out there on the Internet, promising you big returns online when really they just want to take your money and run.

After all you want the right advice, don’t you? Trustworthy guidance that’ll set you up for all these amazing benefits of running a business online:

  • more free time
  • reliable recurring income
  • easy marketing and
  • low costs.

From: Greg & Fiona Scott, and Chris & Susan Beesley

We Know How You Feel

We are, from left to right, Fiona, Susan, Chris and Greg – four people who understand how you might be feeling about the confusing world of Online Marketing.

Because 2 years ago we felt EXACTLY THE SAME!

At the time we all had traditional day jobs – Chris and Susan ran a management consultancy, Greg was a project manager and Fiona was a financial controller for a bank.

We met by chance at an online marketing seminar.

And as we chatted we realised we all wanted to ditch the 9 to 5, head to the airport, jet off to exciting and beautiful countries… and run our online businesses from just a laptop and an internet connection.

Yet Online Marketing Makes You

We’d hit problems with online marketing (probably the same problems you might be struggling with yourself).

How many of these do YOU identify with?

You can’t move for spam – your inbox is threatening to implode with the non-stop torrent of junk. (On our worst day we got flooded with 254 spammy emails in 24 hours!)

You’re losing time – sifting junk certainly takes a big chunk of your day!

You don’t know what works – everyone’s shouting about push-button solutions that make you rich, when we ALL know that can’t really be true!

You’re a commodity – a name and email, a digital identity sold on to goodness knows where.

You don’t know who to trust – people will say ANYTHING just to get the sale.

It’s not a pretty picture, really!

A torrent of distracting information like that hurts your wallet, your watch and your wellbeing.

And we were really suffering.

But one day . . . all that changed!

One day, we were lucky enough to meet a very generous man who took us ‘under his wing’ and guided us through the mire of information in online marketing.

It was like being pulled out of quick sand – the relief was instant plus we started making progress straight away.

You see, that man was already successfully making money online, so he was able to show us what he was doing.

We quickly realized that . . .

You Will Save Time & Money
With Good Mentors On Your Side

So to achieve our goal, we worked every hour we could on improving our skills with the best mentors we could find.

All this education, with our combined business experience, meant…

We Did It! We Quit Our Jobs in 2010
and Now Earn Our Full Time Living Online

We feel very privileged to have the freedom to travel the world, running our businesses from whatever country we are in.

  • Greg and Fiona are published authors – personal development guru Brian Tracy wrote a testimonial for their book.
  • Chris and Susan have a Web TV show interviewing the biggest IM names around, from Chris Farrell to Armand Morin.
  • We all have many private clients who pay us thousands of pounds to consult with us.
  • We coach at events all over the world from the UK and Europe to South East Asia.
Yet, there’s a BIG PROBLEM

Learning how to make money online is a bit like doing a massive jigsaw puzzle.

There are lots of individual pieces. You’ve got to learn about the process (choose your niche, create a website, get traffic, convert the sale). Plus all the tools, (like video marketing, email marketing, social media and auto responders, etc).

But if you learn them in isolation, you don’t really learn how to fit them together in one seamless business.

It’s like someone tips a big puzzle out on the floor, hides the box and tells you to have a go without knowing what the picture is.

You may get there in the end. But think of all the time and effort you’ve wasted!

What do you want – the bad news, or the good news?

Right now, that puzzle box might be very helpful to you. So you could see how others have successfully made money online with a business, and follow the model.

And the bad news was…

We’ve looked. And we haven’t yet found a system that, as business consultants, we think works.

Business consultants are kind of obsessive about writing down processes. So as we went on our journey, we recorded what we did along the way.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS!

So now we have a comprehensive, easy-to-understand system, recorded on paper and video, which shows the blueprint for others to follow.

And now we’d like to share it with you.

So you can do what we did.

Only quicker. And at a fraction of the cost.

the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit

Like the best plans, our formula is really simple…

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from the best in the business. And given it to you, in easy-to-digest bite-sized chunks.

Plus we’ve included some juicy extras – techniques not usually taught to online marketers that we know will be Oh So Useful as you start your business…

We looked on our training as an investment, and we’ve spent $103,454 on our education since we began working with the absolute best people around, eg:

  • The kings of high ranking videos – A remarkable video company that unlocks the reasons why No 1 videos on YouTube get to the top spot. And teaches you how to do the same.
  • The team that coaches 6 figure entrepreneurs how to build a world-beating profile and marketing presence
  • The leading expert on the psychology of success and public speaking – he’s a 20k a day consultant, and we are proud to be part of his mastermind group.

So you can see that the info in the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit has come from the top people around.

Here’s just a sample of what’s inside:

  • The Quick Start Website Guide – in just a few hours you’ll have a site designed exactly how Google likes it
  • Our Power List of website widgets – each of these packs a mighty publicity punch
  • The No-Stress Guide to linking your site to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube
  • The ‘secret weapon’ that keeps you and your customers friendly. Hardly any businesses use this. So you’ll have a BIG ADVANTAGE here
  • Insider techniques to get a steady stream of people to your site
  • The ABCs of perfect content. Never be stuck for what to say. Here are the quick tips on generating killer content whenever you need it
  • Our ‘Bookmarked’ list of trusted suppliers – tells you where we get our photos, quick videos for clients, industry news, ideas for blog entries. It’s taken us years to build this list – treat it with care!
  • The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit – everything you need to help discover your USP, set up your business at home and to rocket your productivity.
6 Essentials You’ll Learn

1. How to get traffic to an offer page – no traffic, no business. You need people to come to your website or it’s all over. We show you how through ads, videos, articles and blogs

2. How to convert traffic into sales – you’ve got traffic, now you need it to stop and buy. We show you top tricks of the trade to turn window shoppers into fans and customers

3. How to build a list from scratch – see our 5 step guide to building a targeted list of people who know, like and trust you. The sort who will be glad to get their credit cards out for the right product

4. How to get sales without a list – quick wins in online marketing – connecting people and products fast for results and commissions. You definitely need the right advice here to avoid most of the money-sink myths

5. How to do the technical stuff – all along the journey, a bad technical decision can halt your website, your traffic or your business. Much easier to learn it right, step by step, from the beginning

6. How to find the time – half of successful online marketing is about mindset. Focus. Drive. Determination. Prioritising. If you need help here, you’ll love our 10 Steps To Success – the combination of a lifetime’s business knowledge about what gets you to your goals plus the best of time-saving and efficient tools available on the net right now – many of them free

How It Works

The Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit gives you videos, tools and backup documents to help you create your own online business.

In its 7 Core Sections, you’ll cover every element of the technical, creative and business thinking you need to set up online.

You just log on, watch what you need, download the tools that will help, and get on with building your business.

If you did one Section a week, you’d have your business up and running in under 2 months.

(It took us 12 months and $51,505 to achieve the same, because we didn’t have a programme like this to follow. We did it the hard way!)

Covers Everything You Need

The videos give you a clear path to follow. Step by step instructions. Often you’re looking over our shoulder as we show you what to do.

Don’t know where to start? Start here. It cuts out all the noise, and gets you straight to business.

One trusted opinion to follow. Not a seething mass of dubious ‘opportunities’.

Imagine the money and time you’ll save, knowing you’ll never have to look at a magic button product or spammy email again.

Available 24/7 365 Days Over The Internet

You can access the videos anywhere with an internet connection. So no more wasted down time. Just hop online and watch a video if you’ve got some time today.

FREE Updates For Life

The Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit is a ‘here-today here-tomorrow’ product!

Because as a client, you also get FREE Updates for life.

We will record new videos to keep the Kit up to date, whenever there are changes that substantially affect our content.

You must have this sort of commitment from anyone teaching you about online marketing.

And here’s why…

Things move fast in online marketing. And we know of several products available right now that are out of date. And if you learn the wrong info, you will stop growing. In fact, you could easily go backwards, just like:

  • Websites that dropped like a stone in Google from Page 1 to Page 243 – after a change to how Google ranked sitesItem #2
  • The Facebook fanpage that disappeared overnight, taking 5,600 fans with it, because it broke a new Facebook rule about self promotion
  • The YouTube channel that got frozen because it was seen as too commercial. (The owner got it back eventually. But it took weeks)

So do you want to risk it? Having everything you’re working for, taken away from you with no notice?

Or would you prefer to have a trusted and well-connected team on your side that keeps you up to date with anything you need to know?

Perfect For Your Current Business
Or A New One

This Kit works if you want to put your existing business online.

It also works if you have just an idea for an online business and need to decide on a niche.

Either way we’ll teach you how to build your business online.

There’s NO programming!

Worried about how to do all the complicated technical bits?

Don’t be – there isn’t any!

Sure there are IT tasks along the way. But we take them one at a time, and explain step by step how to complete them the easy way.

Heck we even show you how, as you look over our shoulder on video as we set up a website, an autoresponder, your Facebook and Twitter accounts and much much more.

All in High Definition Detail, Even When You Zoom In

Some online training programmes are shot in normal resolution. That’s OK until you want to zoom in to see what they’re doing. The picture goes fuzzy. Disappointing!

Not in the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit. We’ve shot the whole thing in high definition, giving you premium quality video and audio.

Sharp and clear, no matter how close you zoom.

The Best Value Business Package
Of Its Type Available Today
Module 1: The ‘Flying Start’ Guide
  • Insider Tour of how your internet business will work
  • Get a winning business set up in the shortest possible time – step-by-step practical guide
  • FREE – track your results in 2 minutes a day with our downloadable progress planner
Module 2: Domains & Hosting
  • Make-or-break rules to choosing a domain – do it right, and get masses of free visitors!
  • Get on the web today with the right host. But ask these 3 essential questions first
Module 3: Free Websites Through WordPress
  • The 3 steps to creating a professional website in minutes
  • All the geek stuff translated into English and given out step by step
  • Everything covered, from installing a site and creating content to responding to comments and posting when you’re not there
Module 4: Keep In Touch With An Autoresponder
  • Start talking to customers with your autoresponder, your email helper who never forgets to keep in touch (= warm glow for your customers)
  • How emails and webforms give you the edge over other businesses
  • Your essential guide to staying within data protection law – who you can communicate with, what is classed as spam and how to deal with unsubscribes
Module 5: Build Your List
  • Instant list-building – create a page in minutes to capture visitor details
  • The gift that no-one can resist – how to find or create your free giveaway that has visitors pinging you their names and emails
Module 6: Irresistible Website Content
  • Help people know like and trust you from just your content. Instant credibility with our guide to content – where to get inspiration, the topics that your list wants to hear about, and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Includes:
  • Your basic 3 page triangle – Welcome, About and Contact
  • The legals – what small print you need to keep within the law and be ethical
  • Video and pictures – what works best, and how to create your own
  • Frequency – how often is often enough?
  • Use it twice! What to do with your blog post once it’s posted. It’s life is just beginning!
Module 7: Getting and Keeping Customers
  • The truth about traffic – where it comes from, how you find it, and what to do with it once it’s driving straight at you!
  • Why social media is your new best friend for finding customers and spreading your message
  • Your branding – be unique and memorable for all the right reasons. Learn how to change your blog design, change headers, add menus and content
  • WordPress Plugins – plug and play code that takes your business from a website to the complete business experience – from shopping carts and Facebook comments to calendars and installing video.
Module 8: Online Marketing 101

Marketing Strategy Overview – An overview of paid and unpaid marketing and what you should choose

  • Facebook – Getting set up and a tour of Facebook – why and what you should be using it for
  • Google Plus – Getting set up a and tour of Google Plus – why and what you should use it for
  • Twitter – Getting Set up a and tour of Twitter – why and what you should use it for
  • Article Marketing – A six step formula to distribute your articles easily and effectively

It’s an amazing range of information. And all updated so you never fall behind.

Buy Today and Receive 3 FREE
Business-Boosting Bonuses Worth $6,000
BONUS 1 – Website Critique (Value $5,000)

We’ll critique your website when it’s up and running. This is a fantastic check to make sure you’ve tuned everything correctly. And we’ll tell you what to tweak, change or leave exactly as it is! This will maximise how many people come to your site and how many leave their details

  • This type of one-to-one attention takes time, and costs $5,000
  • And you get it completely FREE if you sign up today
BONUS 2 – Get Your Head Straight: Develop Your Entrepreneur Mindset (Value $500)

A fascinating look at what drives entrepreneurs, and how you can model their success. You want more money, time, customers? We tell you how to find them in this 41 page report.

  • Discover the No 1 secret of business success – it’s not what you think!
  • The single most effective place to focus your attention if you want to make money
  • The Business Consultant’s Time Saving Tools ‘cheat sheet’
BONUS 3 – Time-Stretcher Tricks (Value $500)

Promise not to tell anyone? Here’s our personal favourite techniques for boosting productivity. This exclusive report reveals some little known productivity techniques including:

  • Time-Stretcher Tricks – magic yourself more time every day
  • the 1st thing you MUST do whenever – PING – you have a good idea
  • the sneaky distraction to any online business, and how to crush it without mercy!
Your Package Today…

What’s your investment for this complete A to Z of business savvy?

Our training cost us $103,454 and took 2 years. Worth it, but a long time and a big investment!

Clearly we want to pass on this knowledge in a way that saves you money and time.

Plus of course the $6,000 bonus package, which we’re giving you FREE as well…

You pay just $197 today

Saves You Money At The Bank, And Years Of Your Life

Go to business school to learn how to start a business, and you’ll spend thousands on your education (and it’s years ‘til you graduate).

Our own internet marketing education took $103,454 , and 4 years of our lives. (Worth every penny. Yet even so, a considered investment in time and money.)

However you want to start making money online as soon as possible. In weeks not years. And for an investment that won’t mean you start off with a big debt…

So here’s your Helping Hand Deal – the knowledge you need, delivered fast track, and at a special ‘Buy Me’ price of $197

PLUS your FREE Bonus Package Worth $6000

And don’t forget when you buy, you also claim your exclusive bonus package of specials we’re only offering via this page. Worth $6000 And yours when you click the button below to sign up.

Just hit the button below to claim your Kit today.

Buy Risk Free - Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be sure this is the programme for you.

So it comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee – Happy or your money back!

Start the programme, and if you don’t feel like it’s working for you, just tell us within 30 days and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

And you can keep the 3 bonus reports as well, with our compliments.



Andy Harrington,
Amanda Ball, Great Brickhill, Milton Keynes,
Gavin Mountford, Guildford, Surrey,

So now’s the time to choose.

  • Do you want to continue wasting time with the snake oil salesmen all around you?
  • Or do you want to get from here to an online business in the next 8 weeks?

If you’re looking for a sign, THIS IS IT! Click the button below for your no-risk, instant access to your new business online.

PS: Don’t forget – this deal can’t last for ever. Only fast-acting online entrepreneurs are going to get it. Make sure you’re one of them!



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